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Here is a directory of real estate and mortgage services for buyers and sellers in Montreal, West Island, Laval and South Shore.


  • Quebec BarThe Quebec Bar is the professional order that brings together lawyers from Quebec.
  • CPA(Chartered Professional Accountants) This is the national organization established to support the unification of the Canadian accounting profession. She represents highly qualified professionals who are constantly concerned with the highest standards of accounting service delivery, ethics and best corporate practices.
  • APCHQIt is the private, non-profit, voluntary membership organization that deals with more than 17,000 companies in 14 regional associations. Previously known as the Quebec Association of Home Builders, it became, in 2014, the Association of Construction and Housing Professionals of Quebec, to better reflect the reality of businesses who make up his network.
  • RBQIn order to protect the public, RBQ’s mission is to ensure the quality of work and safety in buildings and premises, the qualifications of contractors and building owners, as well as their integrity.
  • AIBQ– The Canadian Association of Real Estate Inspectors is a non-profit association with the largest number of building inspectors in Quebec.
  • SCHL CMHC contributes to the stability of the housing and financial system, assists Canadians in need, and provides objective research and advice to governments, consumers and the housing sector.
  • GenworthIt is the largest private mortgage insurer in Canada. The Company provides mortgage loan insurance to residential mortgage lenders in Canada, making it easier for new homebuyers to access the property.
  • Canada GuarantyIt’s a 100% Canadian private mortgage insurer.
  • OACIQ–OACIQ, the Quebec’s self-regulatory organization for real estate brokerage, protects the public using real estate and mortgage brokerage services regulated by law.
  • FARCIQ– It processes public claims and informs licensees about their management process.
  • GMREB–Founded in 1954, the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board (GMRA) is a non-profit association that brings together virtually all real estate brokers in Greater Montreal. With over 9,000 members, it is the third largest real estate board in Canada.

Its mission is to actively promote and protect the professional and business interests of its members so that they successfully achieve their business objectives.

The GMREB is also a major player with government authorities, the media, the public and real estate associations. She regularly releases press releases on monthly resale market statistics and other real estate topics.

  • AMF– CIs the body mandated by the Quebec government to oversee Quebec’s financial sector and provide assistance to consumers of financial products and services.
  • CAAMP– It is the national association of the mortgage industry, representing 11,500 people and 1,000 companies, including mortgage brokerages, lenders, insurers and service providers.
  • Chambre des notaires du QuebecIt ensures the protection of the public by promoting the preventive exercise of the law, by supporting a public notary practice, innovative and in pursuit of excellence and by promoting access to justice for all.
  • CMA Mortgage AwardsThis awards ceremony is the biggest event of the year in the real estate sector. Professionals and influencers come together to celebrate the successes of their peers and industry leaders. Every year, around 650 professionals participate in the ceremony.
  • AICQIt is a non-profit association, which brings together the heads of computer services at CEGEPs and public and private colleges in the province of Quebec, who have agreed to join on a voluntary basis.
  • AIBQ–It is a non-profit association that brings together the largest number of building inspectors in Quebec.
  • BOMA It is the largest group of commercial property owners and managers in the province. Its members own and manage more than 85% of Class A office buildings in Québec.
  • Housing AuthoritytIt is a specialized administrative tribunal that has exclusive jurisdiction over rental housing to hear all applications for the lease of a dwelling.
  • EQUIFAX It is a global innovative information solutions company that enables access to credit, we are part of groundbreaking collaborations and innovations that focus on complex social challenges such as social well-being, community relations, and social networking. financial education for disadvantaged young people.
  • TransUnionIt helps organizations optimize their risk-based decisions and enables consumers to understand and manage their personal information.
  • BBB better business office Quebec– – It is dedicated to honest relationships between businesses and customers – fostering consumer confidence and ensuring a transparent market for all.
  • CCBUIl maintains a positive relationship between borrower and creditor, while remaining impartial.
  • OEAQIt protects the public interest by guaranteeing the quality of the professional acts of its members.
  • CREA-The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), one of Canada’s largest single-purpose business associations, represents more than 100,000 real estate brokers and agents across 100 real estate boards and associations across Canada.
  • Condo Legal It informs Quebeckers of their rights and obligations regarding co-ownership.
  • CORPIQIt is a non-profit organization that supports, defends and represents rental property owners throughout Quebec.
  • FCIQIt is a non-profit association of the 12 real estate boards in the province, as well as nearly 13,000 member real estate brokers.
  • EnergyIt is the main natural gas distribution company in Quebec.
  • Hydro QuebeccIl generates, transmits and distributes electricity.
  • caIt offers reliable and up-to-date information to make it easier and more enjoyable to find the property of your dreams. is regularly consulted by sellers, buyers and landlords of homes and houses, from both a computer and a smartphone.
  • The ICIThe Canadian Real Estate Institute (CIA) is a leader in advanced training and designation programs for Canada’s real estate industry professionals.
  • NotariusIt is the only company in North America to offer solutions to confirm the origin, integrity and authenticity of electronic documents, decades after their signature. Notarius is also the only Canadian company with trusted digital signatures recognized by Adobe and Microsoft.
  • OAGQ It protects the public through professional inspection, continuing education and discipline. It also determines the standards of practice and regulations that guide members in their professional activities. The Order is made up of all the persons authorized to practice exclusively the profession of land surveyors in Quebec.


  • TD CANADA TRUSTWith over 13 million customers in Canada, TD Canada Trust provides a suite of financial products and services.
  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada is Canada’s largest bank and is a Canadian multinational company selling financial services.
  • BMOThe Bank of Montreal is one of the five largest banks in Canada.
  • CIBCCIBC is one of Canada’s five most influential banks.
  • MCAPIt is one of the largest independent companies to finance mortgages in Canada, managing over $ 62 billion in assets.
  • First NationalNon-bank lender in Canada serving the residential, commercial and multi-residential mortgage market since 1988.
  • HOME TRUSTIt is Canada’s largest mortgage lender offering financial alternatives to other banks.
  • B2B bankHe is a leading provider of banking products and services to financial advisors and mortgage brokers across Canada.
  • BLUE PRINT It is considered a leader in customer service, and offers a privileged service to information about your mortgage.
  • MERIXIt helps Canadians from all walks of life realize their dream of becoming homeowners. The investments we make to provide unparalleled customer service and innovative technology solutions make for an unforgettable shopping experience.
  • BDCThis Canadian development bank is the only financial institution dedicated solely to entrepreneurs.
  • INDUSTRIAL ALLIANCEIt offers a full range of life and health insurance, savings and retirement products (RRSPs, TFSAs, etc.), segregated funds and mutual funds, securities, home and auto insurance, mortgages and auto loans, as well as other financial products and services.
  • MANULIFEWhether it’s buying your first home, saving for your kids’ education, or planning your retirement, you deserve effective financial products to make the most of each of these important passages. Your advisor can help you choose from a range of products and services that will help you achieve your goals.
  • CHIPThe CHIP Reverse Mortgage was created by HomEquity Bank, a Schedule I Canadian bank. Established 30 years ago, the Program is an annuity solution that meets the needs of Canadians their most important thing: their property.

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